Join Us for a Day of Action!

National Day of Action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education
Our Schools, Our Solutions
December 9, 2013

Please begin meeting with the union and community groups in your city to plan the Day of Action in your city/state. We will be posting regular updates on this site.

Download the Day of Action one-pager here.

Download the Day of Action organizing guide here.

Download the Save the Date here.

Register your event, and let us know what you need to make this day a success.

For more information, you can contact any of the following representatives of the national organizations that are part of the National Strategy Committee:
Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ)                    
Jonathan Stith   

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)                 
Eric Zachary     

Annenberg Institute for School Reform                   
Leigh Dingerson

Gamaliel Network                                                   
Laura Barrett    

Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J)                           
Jitu Brown        

Leadership Center for the Common Good               
Kyle Serrette    

National Education Association (NEA)                     
Brian Dunn       

National Opportunity to Learn Campaign                
Cassie Schwerner

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)          
Bill Ragen         
Join the movement for Educational Justice.
Onward to December 9th!