Petition for a Moratorium on CUNY's Pathways Curriculum

A Message from the CUNY Faculty and Staff

This is a watershed moment for higher education.  The “reform” agenda that brought relentless testing and widespread privatization to K-12 schools has surfaced in higher education.  Forty years of public policy focused on access to college is being replaced by a single-minded demand for increased graduation rates—whatever the cost in academic quality. 

The battle for educational quality is being fought hard by faculty and staff at The City University of New York (CUNY), long a focal point in struggles for educational justice. 

CUNY’s educational mission is under attack.  Chancellor Matthew Goldstein and the CUNY Board of Trustees, led by Benno Schmidt, Jr., are trying to impose a diluted system of general education, “Pathways,” that seeks to save money at the expense of students’ learning.  Facing intense faculty resistance, the CUNY administration has resorted to threats and intimidation.  Under the pretext of easing student transfer and increasing graduation rates, Pathways will deliver a minimal curriculum for CUNY’s working-class students: it removes science lab requirements, limits foreign language requirements, and cuts back on faculty time with students in English classes.  Pathways is an attempt to move students through the system more quickly even as budgets are cut—by reducing academic requirements. Pathways is austerity education for an austerity economy.

With your help, we can defeat Pathways and achieve a victory for educational quality that could have national implications.  Please add your voice to ours and take a stand for the integrity of higher education. 

Barbara Bowen
President, Professional Staff Congress/CUNY

Terrence Martell
Chair, University Faculty Senate

This petition was created by Professional Staff Congress/ CUNY and The CUNY University Faculty Senate. The Professional Staff Congress/CUNY is the union that represents more than 25,000 faculty and staff at the City University of New York (CUNY) and the CUNY Research Foundation. The University Faculty Senate is the faculty governance body in academic matters of university-wide concern at The City University of New York.

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6114 1 week ago Amar Khoukhi
6113 1 week ago Ronita Ghatak
6112 8 months ago Corey Clark I shouldn't have to take reductive classes over again just because a required CORE. I've taken 3 science classes already and now I have to take another one just because of Queens' stupid required co...
6111 10 months ago prof prem raj pushpakaran
6110 1 year ago Jon Spinac
6109 1 year ago Christopher Polidura
6108 1 year ago Jared Modesto I opted in with pathways and the experience has left me frustrated and has affected my financial aid givings with the circumstances I face. Pathway needs to end
6107 1 year ago Steven LefkowStevenL
6106 1 year ago Jason Gorman
6105 1 year ago Jessica Choe It is unethical and hypocritical of those buoyed by corporate interests to shortchange students of a full, quality, and cross-disciplinary education. As teachers, community members and students, we...
6104 1 year ago Alejandra Suarez
6103 1 year ago Joanne Paduano Stop selling education to the highest bidder.
6102 1 year ago Douglas Troeger
6101 1 year ago Danielle Valenzisi
6100 1 year ago Sima Lichtschein
6099 1 year ago Laurie Jaffee I am grateful for the hard work demanded of me and the fabulous education I received at Hunter College. We cannot permit the devaluation of the very definition of education.
6098 1 year ago Ghaaziy Machicote Why should I have to do 6 redundant core credits after completing my two year degree upon transferring to a senior college? Unacceptable.
6097 1 year ago Patrycja Krawczuk
6096 1 year ago Vincent Geary I am an alumnus of QC and an early childhood teacher with a master in Reading.
6095 1 year ago Erik Banks An ugly and cynical proposal, and why are administrators and board members making curricular decisions? NYC gave this native a great public education and I am grateful for it.
6094 1 year ago Alex Wermer-Colan
6093 1 year ago Alex Wermer-Colan
6092 1 year ago Dessie Andrews
6091 1 year ago Nia Stewart I would want my degree to be proof of my hard work , I wouldn't want it to be belittled by path ways; because then what am I really working for ?
6090 1 year ago Dianet Grundfast
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