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Uphold the Facilities Law

Action Alert: Don't Let CPS Stall Facilities Reports

Photo: Community and students protest in Rahm Emanuel's neighborhood against his plans to close dozens of schools March 2012 UPDATE: The bill has been approved by the Illinois House Executive Committee and can come to the floor for a vote at any time. Please contact your state representative using the form and Springfield telephone number listed below or gleaned from this page.


CPS wants to delay providing parents and students the list of school closures until March 2013. And, they want to undercut the power of the Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force (CEFTF) by establishing their own independent commission to sell their vision for further community destabilization and increased school privatization. The district has a poor track record of handling school actions. Their independent commission is not representative of the stakeholders and their process quashes the democratic input and usurps the power of a legislated task force.

Public Act 096-0803 was enacted in October 2009 and created a task force to “ensure that school facility-related decisions are made with the input of the community and reflect educationally sound and fiscally responsible criteria” in the city of Chicago. The CEFTF has been meeting since 2010 and has developed models and guidelines for school actions. The CEFTF is also made up of a representative range of stakeholders: legislators, CPS officials, CTU members, local school council members, and other community members.

CPS leadership has announced that they will ask the state legislature to provide them with more time to “figure it out.” If we give CPS until March then all of the impacted families and school personnel will be scrambling over the summer. This is a misguided proposition. So we’re going to have a board decision in July? How are families, students, and school personnel going to prepare for the upcoming year?

Every time there is new CPS leadership or a new mayor with big ideas and little context they beg legislators for leniency.

This is unacceptable. We vote. And, it is up to us to put an end to this misguided idea.

We must challenge our elected Aldermen, State Representatives and State Senators to stop the Chaos on Clark.

The Illinois General Assembly will hold a hearing during the first week of veto session to consider the extension proposed by CPS. I need you to make contact with your home and school elected leaders. And, I need you to speak with the individuals on the Illinois House Executive Committee.

Use this time to share your story. Tell them you are an educator, a public servant and voter. Challenge them to stand up for justice.

Personalize the email message below and send it to both your state representative and the Executive Committee members. Call them today and set up an appointment to speak with them about this.