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Illinois Senate Education Committee Bills

We need you to support SB3239 and SB3394, sponsored by State Senator Iris Martinez. These bills have made it to the Illinois Senate Education Committee, but need your help to receive a full Senate vote.

SB3239 will halt school closings in Chicago for a year, so we can begin to adopt better policies for improving Chicago's schools. The current school closing and "turnaround" actions are bad education policy that does not serve Chicago's children. Nearly a decade of evidence from these repeated, status quo "actions" show that they do not improve education for our students. Common-sense, research-based education reforms exist that can close the achievement gap for students in Chicago. Without a democratically-elected school board, Chicago's education system needs state-level action to halt destructive, status quo actions.

SB3394 will ensure that Chicago students have a teacher in front of them on the first day of school. Currently, Chicago Public Schools' "Twentieth Day Rule" scrambles the class rosters for thousands of students every year by firing some of their teachers nearly a month into the school year. You can help stop this chaos.

On March 7th, SB3394 passed out of committee. The Democrats on the Senate Education Committee were unanimous in their support for SB3394.  We even gained the support of 2 Republican State Senators:  Senators Christine Johnson and Suzi Schmidt. Please call their offices (the numbers are below) to thank them for their support. Two other Republican State Senators voted present:  Luechtefeld, McCarter.  The bill will now go to the Senate floor for 2nd reading.  We need 30 votes to get this bill out of the Senate and sent to the State House of Representatives.  This is good.

Please take a few moments to contact your state senator and Senate President John J. Cullerton. It's easy with the action form below.

Also, please phone key members of the Senate Education Committee:

Senator David S. Luechtefeld (R) (618) 243-9014  - He is the  Assistant Republican Leader of the Senate, and a former teacher and coach.  Sen. Luechtefeld can lead other Republicans on the Committee to vote for SB 3239!  Respectfully inform Sen. Luechtefeld that his Republican colleagues in the State House are supporting the same bill (HB 4487) in their chamber.

Senator Christine J. Johnson (R) (815) 895-6318 -   Her "associated" State Rep. is Rep. Bob Pritchard - a member of the CEFTF and a strong supporter & co-sponsor of Rep. Soto's companion bill, HB 4487 in the House.

Senator Suzi Schmidt (R) (217) 782-7353