Take Action on Nurse Certification

The Illinois Association of School Nurses needs everyone’s assistance to support a proposed change to the Illinois Special Education Regulations 23 Illinois Administrative Code 226.840.

This change would return the regulations to original language that ensures students receive a full and comprehensive assessment by a highly qualified, certified school nurse who has had educational preparation to conduct this assessment. We all want to ensure that our students are evaluated by appropriately credentialed individuals.

Here is a fact sheet on the issue.

How can you help support this? Between Feb. 10 and March 26 there are two ways to send your comments supporting the changes that a full and comprehensive assessment will be done by a highly qualified, educated and certified school nurse.

Below, you can send an e-mail of support for the proposed changes to 23 Illinois Administrative Code 226.840 to the Illinois State Board of Education. Please personalize your message. A personal anecdote regarding help you may have needed at one time from a certified school nurse would be very welcome in the second-to-last paragraph. You can also use the fact sheet to highlight different aspects of the rule change.

You can also write to: Shelley Helton, Agency Rules Coordinator, Illinois State Board of Education, S-493, 100 North First Street, Springfield, Il 62777-0001. Here is a sample letter, if you’d like to use it.

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