Will You Reclaim the Promise?

It’s time to reclaim the promise of early childhood care and education—not as it is today or as it was in the past, but as it can be—to fulfill our collective obligation to guarantee every child and family has access to affordable, high-quality early childhood programs. Decades of experience and evidence show that one of the most effective ways to improve educational and economic outcomes for all children is to provide high-quality early learning experiences that set the stage for a lifetime of learning.

Reclaiming the promise is about fighting for families’ access to workplace and community supports for the care and education of their young children.

Reclaiming the promise is about ensuring all young children are engaged in developmentally appropriate programs that foster their social and emotional development.

Reclaiming the promise is about ensuring young children have a smooth transition from early education settings into kindergarten and their neighborhood public schools.

Reclaiming the promise is about ensuring early childhood care providers and educators are well-prepared and supported so they can meet the individual needs of every child.

I will Reclaim the Promise of Early Childhood Education and Care.