AFT - Reclaiming the Promise

Stand with California Teachers

Tell California teachers: We see your dedication, and we’re grateful for your service.

On Tuesday morning, teachers across California got up, went to their schools and dedicated their day to helping students learn and grow.

Thank California teachers for their dedication

While teachers led their classrooms, a judge in a Los Angeles courtroom said that for students to win, teachers have to lose. Vergara v. California was a blow to public education everywhere, but especially demoralizing to hundreds of thousands of teachers who dedicate their lives to lifting up California's students.

In this moment, it's important that we acknowledge the teachers in California’s classrooms. Our opponents have spent months—and millions of dollars—vilifying California teachers to push a political agenda.

We're fighting back—in the media, on the ground, in the legislature and in the courts. But we also need to make sure California's teachers know we see them and appreciate their service.

We want teachers to hear a better message. Join us and send a Thank You to California's dedicated teachers.