Who is PASNAP?

Armstrong nurses are learning the truth about PASNAP.

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Background on PASNAP

PASNAP needs you more than you need them. PASNAP has been losing members since 2008. And they are losing steam: they organized a few new nurse unions in their first five years, but only one new union in the last five years. The arrows are all pointing down for PASNAP. And that explains PASNAP’s grab for Armstrong nurses: they want you – and your dues money – to help pull them out of their downhill slide.

PASNAP is a small, isolated group without the friends nurses will need to take on the big fights in healthcare. PASNAP bragged to Armstrong nurses about their ties to the National Nurses Union - even waved around contracts NNU negotiated in California as examples of what PASNAP could do - but NNU says the relationship with PASNAP was always informal. NNU might be the last friend PASNAP had to lose: the other unions in our county and state – teachers, firefighters, county employees - who stand with us in hard times have already broken ties with PASNAP as well.

PASNAP is not giving us the straight story. PASNAP's tales all have the same punch-line: See, we're not as desperate and overmatched as we seem! But the facts tell a different story. They are losing members. They don't have the resources to build nurse power across the state. They have no friends in Armstrong County or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, and the national union to which they claim to be linked is in fact keeping them at arms-length. PASNAP is sinking and they are counting on you to help keep them afloat just a little longer.

In times of sweeping changes in healthcare, Armstrong nurses need the stability, local unity and national reach of PSEA-Healthcare and AFT Healthcare. Take a stand with the union that has stood with you all along.

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ACMH RNs deserve a strong national voice

With PSEA Healthcare and AFT Healthcare we have a strong national voice. Nurses across the country are uniting their voices to address rapid changes in the healthcare industry. AFT Healthcare has emerged as a leading voice for the profession, adding over 35,000 nurse members in the last year as state nursing associations across the country chose to affiliate with AFT. These affiliations represent a vote of confidence among nurses in the AFT as a national union with a strong voice in national debates and a proven track record of standing up for professionals.

The healthcare world is changing rapidly. If we want a say in the debates that will shape our future, we need a strong national voice. We need AFT Healthcare.

Vote for Armstrong Nurses/HealthCare-PSEA/AFT

Nurses and Educators are the backbone of Armstrong County

Armstrong nurses are being asked to make a major decision about our future, with little information that we can count on for sure. There is just so much we don’t know about this new organization, like what will happen when times get tough?.

What we do know is this: Working together in the same organization – PSEA-Healthcare and PSEA - nurses and teachers are stronger and our voice is louder in Armstrong County, in Harrisburg, and Washington DC as we advocate for our professions and the people we serve. If we fracture, we are diminished in strength in every arena in which we need to be advocating for those who depend on us.

The unity that we are talking about is not theoretical. In 2000, teachers walked the picket line with nurses when we went on strike and teachers gave us resources to support our fight. They stuck with us in tough times. In 2004, educators again supported our strike and marched on the lines. When we called on them, they were there.

Working together - with our combined resources, local unity, and national reach - we are stronger. The right choice is sticking with the people who have been there with us all along.

Vote for Armstrong Nurses/HealthCare-PSEA/AFT